The operations of a public transport system become a very critical parameter in the entire revenue collection paradigm. Many factors attribute to the operational efficiency of the transport system and among them one of the main characters is the schedule of operations. A schedule consists of a route and the allocated bus/es to move from an origin point of the route to the destination.

The project attempts to form a demand-oriented approach for the Kerala State RTC operations, whereby based on the passenger demand the schedules will be assigned. The project will consist of unit wise data collection on operational and vehicular details, thereby mapping the existing schedules and stops. The scope will then be determined based on the levels of inefficiencies identified to further calculate the existing passenger demand. The schedules will be then restructured based on the passenger demand and thereby measuring the benefits of the demand-oriented approach.

The cornerstone for any good public transport institution is its expanding network of operations catering the passenger demand of all class of people. Kerala State RTC is in the process of bringing in efficiency within the area of operations in the state and the expansion of its networks is an integral part in achieving it. The network expansion happens with the introduction of new routes that can integrate with the existing ones thereby meeting the passenger demand of the state.

The project attempts to identify the new routes, possible for the operations of Kerala State RTC. The project scope will be based on the existing operational routes of KSRTC and the identified potential routes. The project will consist of identifying the high-density private routes thereby analysing the nature of commuting in respect of age group, time and purpose of travel. The existing operational concerns will be addressed thereby identifying the routes of operation. Based on the demand assessment, bus operations and the possible revenue generations will be articulated.

Infrastructure facilities like bus stops, terminals and commercial buildings directly relate to customer satisfaction and acts as a medium of non- fare revenue to the public transport agencies. Many at times it is found that people forget the existing infrastructural elements and start thinking of alternatives rather than maintaining the existing situation.

The project attempts to find the methods to maintain the existing infrastructure of Kerala State RTC and thereby propose any further needed infrastructure based on the operational analysis. The project will consist of unit wise data collection on operational and vehicular details, thereby mapping the existing schedules and stops as part of the operational analysis. The existing condition of terminals and stops will be analysed to find the potentialities of revenue generation. Based on the analysis the possibilities of new interchanges and revenue generation models will be proposed.

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